Besides a camera, lenses, and other photographic paraphernalia, there are a few things worth having in your photo bag.

  • Cloth tape usually doesn't leave any sticky residue, so it can be put to a variety of practical uses: from improvised weather sealing to fixing broken stuff.
  • A foldable backpack or shoulder bag. Something like an AmazonBasics Ultralight Packable Day Pack fits in the palm of your hand when folded and weighs almost nothing. It's durable and can hold a lot of stuff. It's also water-repellent, so you can use it as a makeshift rain cover for your photographic gear.
  • A microfiber towel can come in handy in many situations: from wiping off sweat, to covering the camera when shooting in a drizzle. On a rainy night, a clear plastic bag and rubber bands can be used as an improvised rain cover for your camera and lens.
  • A power bank and a long soft microUSB or USB-C cable. Keep a high-capacity power bank in your bag, and use a soft cable to charge your camera and devices when you are on the move. When traveling, the long cable allows you to charge devices with the bag tucked under the seat. Soft cables are more flexible than regular ones, so they are more convenient in use.
  • Business cards. No further explanation needed. Instead of regular size business cards, you might opt for Moo MiniCards. They are easy to carry around, and their quality is top-notch.
  • A notebook and a pen or a pencil. Sometimes writing using a conventional pen and a notebook is more practical and enjoyable than pecking on minuscule virtual keyboard of your mobile device. It could also be a nice change after a long day of peering into an electronic viewfinder and staring at the camera’s screen. My personal favorites are Mnesmoyne N192A notepads and Uni-Ball Kuru Toga pencils.
  • A charger with several USB ports. If you happen to carry several battery-powered devices with you, a charger with multiple ports can come in handy when you need to charge them all at once.