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Beyond utopia: rediscovering the lost legacy of Soviet design
At the inaugural London Design Biennale at Somerset House, Russia’s exhibition Discovering Utopia: The Lost Archives of Soviet Design was awarded…
Slideshow: Overall winners of Sony World Photography Awards 2020
The World Photography Organisation, which runs the Sony World Photography Awards, has announced the overall Professional, Open, Student, and Youth winners for 2020.
Atget’s Paris, 100 Years Later
The famous photographer sought out an empty city. Our photographer found a Paris evacuated by the coronavirus.
The Women of Ukraine’s Railroads Keep the Trains Running
The under-sung heroes of the country’s rail system keep vigilant watch from colorful mini-castles.
The Vintage Beauty Of Soviet Control Rooms
Just for the pleasure, a selection of vintage control rooms dating back to the Soviet era! A beautiful collection of control rooms filled with large buttons and analog dials, long before the democratization of computers and screens. More info: Present And Correct
12 Tips For Taking Your Architecture Photos To The Next Level | EyeEm
- 4 min read
A Forgotten Twentieth-Century Photographer’s Wild Portraits of Women in Nature
Sarah Blackwood writes about the groundbreaking photographer Anne Brigman, who created sweeping and ambitious photos of nudes and landscapes in the Sierra Nevada.
A Computer-Generated Graphic? No...Just Oil, Water & Light!
Photographer Melissa Maahs shares how she creates & captures colorful bubble shots using oil, water and light.
Take A Virtual Bird Photography Trip To Costa Rica With The Sony α7R IV & α9
Photographer Mark Smith shares the colorful photos he captured of birds in Costa Rica using his Sony α7R IV and Sony α9.
This Vast Photo Archive Is Hidden Inside a Cold, Heavily Guarded Limestone Mine
Over 11 million Getty images are on ice near Pittsburgh.
26 Hours on a Saharan Freight Train
Photographer Adrian Guerin rode Mauritania’s Train du Desert, one of the world’s longest trains, at the hottest time of the year. It nearly broke him.
The Life Cycle of Planes, as Told in Stunning Aerial Photos
A 747 has about 35,000 flights in it.
A Photographer’s Parents Wave Farewell
Eren Orbey writes on the series “Leaving and Waving,” by Deanna Dikeman, a portrait series of Dikeman’s parents that doubles as a family album.
The Intricate, Unintended Beauty of Factories and Labs
Aesthetic form and practical function are one and the same inside these scientific and manufacturing facilities.
The Profound Loneliness of New York Subway Platforms
Natan Dvir’s photographs capture commuters inventing new ways to ignore each other.
A Photographer’s Ode to Everyday Soviet Architecture
Arseniy Kotov finds inspiration in urban exploration and concrete cityscapes.
7 Eccentric Costumed Motorbike Taxi Drivers In Nairobi
Imagine calling for a ride on a busy day and a furious bike emerges leaving a veil of dust behind as if you are in a real-life scene from Mad Max. Sounds like a dream? Well, not if you order an African-style uber boda boda. This urban means of transportation relates to motorcycle taxi riders commonl…
Russians In Boats: The Strange Photography Craze Of The Tsarist Era
A fad for posing in fake boats, planes, and automobiles resulted in some of Russia’s quaintest portraits.
Lost Vancouver – in pictures
From squats to shops selling logger boots, from clapped-out wooden houses to neon hotspots, photographer Fred Herzog blazed a trail for colour as he captured half a century of change in the Canadian metropolis
The History of Food Photos, From Still Lifes to Brunch ’Grams
Humans have been snapping pics of their plates for over 160 years—and photos of meals have revealed a lot about the people gathered at the table.
Defying Vertigo to Capture Aerials From an Ultralight Plane
A photographer overcame her altitude anxieties to capture canvas-worthy aerials of the French countryside.
The Village Genius: Astonishing Photos Of Soviet Life Found In An Abandoned House
The work of a forgotten photographer uncovered in a village attic in Moldova.
Forty Days Of Darkness: Winter In Russia’s Arctic Capital
Photographer Amos Chapple took a “night-mode” enabled smartphone camera to document life in Russia’s north through the polar night.
Photographer Martin Parr on Britain in the age of Brexit
Martin Parr’s hyper-real photos offer a unique window into life in Britain, from seaside holidays in the mid-1980s to more recent scenes from Extinction Rebellion and Brexit protests.
The Acid Sludge Streaming Out of Germany’s Coal Mines
Even as it works to develop greener energy sources, the country is still dependent on highly pollutive lignite mining.
The Quest to Get Photos of the USSR’s First Space Shuttle
French photographer Jonk snuck into Baikonur spaceport in Kazakhstan to capture images of the Buran shuttle.
John Margolies’ Photographs of Roadside America
Remarkable collection of photographs documenting the eccentric roadside architecture and ephemera of America.
The Former Soviet Union’s Surprisingly Gorgeous Subways
Chris Herwig spent 250 hours riding the rails in seven former republics of the USSR for his new book.
South Jersey’s Mid-Century Modern Motels, in All Their Neon Glory
From the 1950s to ’70s, hundreds of motels were built in The Wildwoods. Now, in the age of Airbnb, only half of them are still in operation.