First of all, I hope you are all doing well. It would be an understatement to say that the last couple of months have been pretty tough.

My way of dealing with the current situation is to stay busy. So I've been baking (simple flatbread and Laugengebäck), improving my poor German, doing a lot of reading, and tinkering with my projects – including Little Backup Box. The first most visible change is the move to the lit.css CSS framework. I use this tiny framework for my other projects, so I wanted to keep the appearance consistent across all of them.

The installer script now installs and configures the vsftpd FTP server. This means that if your camera supports FTP transfers, you can upload RAW and JPEG files from the camera to Little Backup Box. If you own a recent Sony Alpha camera, the Using FTP feature in Sony α7 Mark III article penned by yours truly explains how you can upload RAW and JPEG files from the camera to an FTP server.

I also added  the Cancel shutdown button to the web UI. By default, Little Backup Box shuts down after a specified time period (default is 5 min.) if it doesn't detect any storage device. The Cancel shutdown button stops the shutdown countdown. Speaking of the web UI, I also moved it back to port 8000.

Keeping your RAW and JPEG files safe when you are on the move has always been Little Backup Box's raison d'être. But let's face it, not many of us will be traveling anytime soon. While you might still want to keep Little Backup Box handy when you are out and about, it might not be as useful for you as it hopefully was before. Coincidentally, I've been planning on extending Little Backup Box's functionality in order to make it a more versatile solution: a tiny photo station, if you will, that in addition to backup can handle a variety of other photography-related tasks.

As the first step, I replaced the existing rudimentary JPEG viewer with a vastly improved RAW viewer. The RAW viewer extracts preview JPEG images from RAW files stored on the storage device and generates a minimalist responsive gallery. Better still, the RAW viewer can also automatically adjust the levels of each JPEG file. So now you can use Little Backup Box not only to back up RAW files, but also to preview and showcase them as a stylish gallery. Additionally, the extracted and improved JPEG files are perfectly suitable for sharing on photo sharing services.

To reflect all the recent Little Backup Box changes and improvements, I've updated the Little Backup Book. In addition to numerous updates, the book also features new content. Consider buying the book to get the most out of Little Backup Box and support the project. Thank you!

Be safe and be well!